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Upcoming Events

7:00 PM

Live Your Most Fulfilling Life

puzzleIt’s not too late to live a fulfilling life! If you’ve ever thought or said, “I’m too old. I’ve made too many mistakes. My time has passed,” then this workshop will help you realize that it’s not too late to live a fulfilling life. Free. Advance sign-up is requested. Click here to register.

3:00 PM

Ravioli Making and Tasting

Ravino RavioliAfter reading “The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken,” you’ll want to see a live demonstration of the art of ravioli making. In this program, Diane DePalma of Ravino Handcrafted Artisan Pasta will tell us what’s involved with making ravioli at home—what utensils are needed, what’s important in making the dough, and how to fill it successfully. This will be followed by a ravioli tasting. Free. Advance sign-up is requested. Click here to sign up.

2:00 PM

Musical Notes: From Italy with Love

Salvatore ChiarelliA world class performer, singer and entertainer, who has received rave reviews from critics, tenor Salvatore Chiarelli will sing popular, traditional and classical Italian/Neapolitan songs, Italian opera, and Italian/American love ballads.  This performance is part of our One Book Bernardsville program. Free. Advance sign-up is requested. Click here to sign up. Please note start time of 2:00 pm.

7:00 PM

Italian Wine and Cheese Pairings

wine glassesAll month long, we are talking about ravioli recipes, but the wine to go with them is important too! Join us for a tasting of Italian wine and cheeses provided by Gary’s Wine and Marketplace. We will learn how to match wine with cheese, get recommendations for pairing wine with Italian food, and why a combination of flavors, textures and aromas are important. Free. Advance sign-up is required. [Must be 21 years or older to attend.]

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