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Upcoming Events

7:00 PM

FASCIA ….What is that??

Sarah BordaFascia…What is that?? This seminar, presented by Sarah Borda, a licensed Myofascial Release Therapist, will answer that question and enlighten you on the physics and mysteries of your fascial system including how you can take better care of your fascia—the connective tissue which forms beneath the skin connecting every part of the body to another. Myofascial restrictions, which can be produced by trauma, repetitive motion or emotional distress, can be the cause of chronic pain and many diseases. Learn how myofascial release therapy can reduce pain and restore motion. Free. Advance sign-up is requested. Click here to sign up.

7:00 PM

I Can and I Am: Believe in Yourself and Achieve Your Dreams

Andrea MastrobattistaA strong positive belief in yourself is instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. At this workshop, we will turn your negative self-talk into positive affirmations in no time flat! Led by Professional Inspirer Andrea Mastrobattista. Free. Advance sign-up is requested. Click here to register.

2:00 PM

River-Friendly Workshop: Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels and More

rain gardenRaritan Headwaters Association and the AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassador for the Upper Raritan watershed will present a workshop on how to make your backyard, schoolyard, parks and businesses more beautiful and ecologically friendly while also saving money. In this two-part workshop, participants will learn how to design their own projects as well as take part in the building of a demo rain garden in Bernardsville. Participants who make their property more water friendly will receive River Friendly Certification, free rain garden plants and discounted rain barrels. The second part of the workshop, building a rain garden, will take place April 2 at a Bernardsville location to be determined. Come on one or both days. Co-sponsored by the Bernardsville Green Team and the Bernardsville Environmental Commission. Free. Advance registration is requested. Click here to sign up.

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