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Link here to download digital audiobooks or eBooks to your computer from our Overdrive subscription. Link here for a guided Overdrive tour.

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Apps for Devices: Kindle library books for your Kindle Reading App

Audiobooks for Your Phone: Getting a library book through your phone

Kindle: Transfer via wireless connection

Nook or Sony Reader: ePub library books to your devicep


Wondering where that eBook from your favorite author is? The library industry has run into numerous restrictions and obstacles when it comes to ordering your favorite titles as eBooks. Here is your chance to help change that. Below is a link to the “When it comes to eBOOKS, there’s NOT eNOUGH” campaign. You’ll see the publishers and their restrictions, ways to help libraries, and even a sample letter to send to your favorite authors! Thank you for your support.

When it comes to eBOOKS, there’s NOT eNOUGH!