Displays & Exhibits

Art exhibits may be viewed in the Community Room. Displays are in locked cases in our vestibule. Coordinated with Kathleen Palmer, Volunteer.

The library seeks local artists who would like to exhibit their work. If you have something that you would like to loan for library display, or if you’re interested in exhibiting your artwork or collections, please call Madelyn English at 908-766-0118 or click here to email.

Upcoming Events

10:00 AM

The Female Face: Photographs by Jean Merrill

Naita, Maasai Chief's Fifth Wife
Naita, Maasai Chief’s Fifth Wife

On view: January 4-30, 2017

Robert Capa once said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Ms. Merrill has been drawn to the inspiration, hope, despair, joy, sorrow, contemplation, and determination she sees in a woman’s or girl’s face, and she has tried to capture it in photographs. “It’s important to get close enough without invading the privacy of the moment I see in the eyes or facial features of my female subjects. It takes patience and luck to capture that moment,” she says, “I hope the visitors to this show will look at each image and ask themselves ‘What is she thinking? What is she feeling? Can I identify with that emotion?’”

10:00 AM

Welcome Neighbor: Sharing Cultural Art Traditions II

Celtic Interlace by Patrick Gallagher

On view: February 2-27 (exact dates may change due to inclement weather)

Organized by the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission as a touring show, this exhibition features 2- and 3-D indigenous artworks created by diverse New Jersey artists representing their ethnic cultural traditions, accompanied by background text on each featured art form. Among the indigenous art traditions on display will be Hungarian felt making; Celtic interlace; Japanese raku; Nanticoke Leni Lenape crafts; Ukrainian pysanki; Asian Indian sanganeri (block printing), batik and mehndi (henna); Philippine parol and origami; paper cutting traditions; reverse glass painting; and traditional Chinese landscape painting.

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Inspirations from the Natural World by Lisa Madson

River #1

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 5, 2:00-4:00 pm
On view: March 1-27, 2017

An artist from an early age, Lisa Madson learned drawing from her mother while her father taught her geology. The works in this show use a combination of drawing, mapping, printing and painting that reflects these early influences. “We are often mesmerized by the beauty of the world around us,” she says, “And these works utilize patterns and colors inspired by the natural world.” The process used in some of these works chemically transfers found patterns to the paper using a dye and carbon process. The papers are steamed over a mixture of carbon black, vinegar, iron and sometimes copper. Each mix imparts a different color print based on the strength of the mix and the tannins in the leaves. Others are direct printing transfers.