Upcoming Events

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Shore/Lines: Recent Paintings by Philip Kennedy-Grant

ShoreLines by Philip Kennedy-Grant, webOpening Reception: Sunday, February 8, 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Philip Kennedy-Grant has recently concentrated on painting abstractions in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, continuing a career marked by extensive and accomplished architectural drawings. This exhibit consists of paintings depicting land and sea and sky in idealized and imagined settings. Executed variously on canvas, board, paper, and acrylic sheet, the effect differs even as the subject is largely unchanged. Supplementing the paintings, a selection of sketchbooks, small paintings, and drawings will be exhibited in the lobby display cases. This collection, spanning thirty years, suggests the sometimes direct, often roundabout, route from idea to execution. On view: February 2-27, 2015.

7:00 PM

Introduction to T'ai Chi Chih

LotusT’ai Chi Chih ( pronounced tie-chee-cha) is a practice of 19 movements completely focused on activating, circulating and balancing one’s vital energy (Chi). Angela Calogero, an accredited teacher, will explain how Ta’i Chi Chih is practiced softly and gently, requires no special athletic ability, and can be done from a seated position. It’s an ‘inner discipline’ that can help with concerns about balance, coordination and other health issues. Free. Advance sign-up is requested.

10:00 AM

Monthly Meditations

Come meditate in a circle of consciousness. We will explore different types of meditation with a time of sharing to follow for those who are so inclined. First timers and those with any meditation experience are welcome. This meditation program will be led by Gail Mardfin. Free. No sign-up is needed.

3:00 PM

Saturday Crafters

Work on your own projects, get tips and chat with the group. You’ll also find out about new library craft resources.
Free. No sign-up is needed.

7:00 PM

You Can Live a Fulfilling Life Right Now

puzzleDo you feel you are not yet living the life you were meant to live? Are there aspects of your life that need improvement? Professional Inspirer Andrea Mastrobattista will take you on a thought-provoking journey of conversations and brainstorming sessions that will take you beyond limits, beyond expectations and beyond your imagination where you will discover your most fulfilling life. In this session, you will discover how to start living your fulfilling life right now. Free. Advance sign-up is requested.

2:00 PM


Disaster!Meet Alan A. Siegel, author of “Disaster! Stories of Destruction and Death in 19th Century New Jersey.” His book brings readers face-to-face with twenty-eight of the deadliest natural and human-caused calamities to strike New Jersey between 1821 and 1906, ranging from horrific transportation accidents to uncontrolled fires of a kind rarely seen today. Accounts of these fires, steamboat explosions, shipwrecks, train wrecks, and storms are told in the words of the people who experienced the events firsthand, lending a sense of immediacy to each story. Books will be available for purchase and signing. Free. Advance sign-up is requested.

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