Travels Through Tuscany: Photos by Linda Bock-Hinger

Date: Jan 30, 2014
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Bernardsville Library

Tuscan Street, Linda Bock-Hinger
Tuscan Street

Linda Bock-Hinger loves to travel and record people and places around the world. Her photos chronicle her global travels from Australia to Zanzibar. Ms. Bock-Hinger’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions, juried art and photography shows, public buildings and museums, private homes, corporate offices, and several publications in this country and others. Her international photographs have won many awards and prizes.

Ms. Bock-Hinger explains, “It starts with opening the mind and heart along with the eye to capture a feeling, then I catch it with my camera.” She has photographed Masai tribes in East Africa, villages in the Middle East and China, ancient ruins in Cambodia, temples in India, labyrinth souks in Morocco, wild animal safaris on the Serengeti, dancers in Bali, pyramids in Egypt, fishermen on the Amazon River, and Native Americans at PowWow. Her photographs aim to make the viewer feel a connection to her subjects and thereby experience their lives and places in the world. In her travels around the world, Ms. Bock-Hinger has had the opportunity to meet many people and learn of cultures and lifestyles different from her own, at the same time learning how similar we all are in hopes, dreams, and values.

Linda Bock-Hinger went from photography as avocation to profession after her retirement in 2000 from a career in education. She has studied photography and art and now combines them into artography which uses photographs as the cornerstone of her mixed media work. Currently both of her art forms may be seen and purchased in solo and group art shows and galleries. She also teaches photography.

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