Handmade Baby Blankets Are Donated By Saturday Crafters

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  Saturday Crafters, the Bernardsville Public Library crafting group, has just completed yet another charity project, this one benefiting premature infants at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey.  As you can see, the project certainly brought out the creative talents of everyone involved!  Each of the baby blankets was a unique creation demonstrating a joyful choice of color, pattern, and technique.  Not only will the blankets brighten up the neonatal ward at Overlook, but once the infants are released from … Continue reading

Teddy Bears Need Clothing, Too

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Once again, Bernardsville Public Library is participating in the annual Teddy Bear project. In just a few weeks, the Salvation Army will be distributing these teddy bears to needy children in New Jersey as a holiday treat.  But first, there is something missing; the bears are bare and need clothing! Right now the teddies sit patiently in our lobby cases waiting for their outfits, so we invite you to drop by, borrow a bear, dress it, and then return it … Continue reading

Go Green This Halloween

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What a great idea!!  Donate your gently used Halloween costumes so that others can purchase them at the upcoming Halloween Costume Sale hosted by Bernardsville Library’s Teen Group. Recycling a costume makes perfect sense these days and is in keeping with the Teen Group’s interest in the “green” movement. Your slightly used Halloween costumes for children or adults are now being accepted in the donation box located in our lobby.  Costume accessories are also welcome.  The fun part starts on … Continue reading

Supporting Your Library

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Libraries are able to stir the spirit, warm the heart, and enliven all those who enter.  They are a portal for knowledge and a refuge in times of emergency.  As charitable giving approaches the end of the calendar year, please remember your local library’s contribution to you and your family’s well being. Bernardsville Public Library is one of those libraries that has been there for you – open and operating – even in times of crisis.  Most recently, during the … Continue reading