Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Bernardsville Public Library. We have a limited amount of work that can be done by volunteers, and we are very grateful to those volunteers who help us improve the level of service we can offer our patrons.

Please click here to download our Volunteer Application. We will get in touch with you if we think you are a good fit. Volunteer positions are updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back regularly if you’re interested in working with us.

Volunteer Positions Now Available:

Adult Collection Shelver (Updated post date: 6/18/2018)
Time commitment: Three days per week. Preferred days are Monday Wednesday and Friday, but there is some flexibility. Hours by arrangement, in blocks of no more than 2 hours.
Job duties: Shelve books, magazine, CDs, DVDs, and other materials that have been returned to the library. Applicant must know how to alphabetize, and put things in numerical order.

ESL Session Coordinator (Updated post date: 6/18/2018)
Time commitment:
This volunteer is not expected to attend all classes or teach, except possibly as a fill-in. We estimate a time commitment in the first three weeks of a session, approximately 4-5 hours/week.
Job duties: Sets class meeting dates with library staff prior to start date. Determines supply needs (workbooks, pencils, erasers, etc.) prior to start date. Keeps list of teacher emails and informs teachers about kick-off meeting and inclement weather or other closings. Coordinates orientation/training meeting for teachers before each session. Prepares attendance folders for the teachers in their class. Fields calls from teachers and helps find substitute teachers if a teacher is absent (planned or unplanned). Based on expressed preferences by teachers and knowledge of teaching levels needed, assigns volunteers to a specific class time slot. Responsible in first two classes of each time slot for assigning new students to workable teaching groups based on ability.

ESL Class Coordinator (Updated post date: 6/18/2018)
Time commitment: 2 hours per week
Job duties: Attends each class meeting in assigned timeslot while classes are in session (10 weeks in fall; 10 weeks in winter). Prepares attendance folders for the teachers in their class. Gives attendance count to Circ. Desk after each class. Finds substitute teachers from list if teachers are absent. Ensures tables and chairs are put away at library (after evening classes).