After Visiting Friends…

June 16, 2014 // Filed under Uncategorized

paperback-coverNew members are encouraged to join the next Memoirs and Coffee book group meeting on Tuesday, June 24, at 10:30 a.m. when Michael Hainey’s memoir, After Visiting Friends: A Son’s Story, will be discussed.  Currently deputy editor of GQ, Hainey used his reporter’s sense of curiosity and doggedness to solve the mystery behind his father’s death.  Bob Hainey, a newspaperman at the Chicago Sun-Times, died at the age of 35 under less than clear circumstances.  His son, Michael, took up the quest to find out what really happened to his father, but encountered many evasions and secrets. It seems his father’s friends at the newspaper had maintained the “newspaperman’s code of silence” regarding this death, and the author’s mother had little to share as well.  Borrow a copy of this book at the circulation desk and find out what Michael Hainey uncovered.

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