As Seen From The Front Desk

February 26, 2009 // Filed under Uncategorized

The other day a mother and her young child returned some books at the circulation desk. The parting between the child and his books was sorrowful, and he politely pleaded with his mother to keep them longer. But mother prevailed, and so the child stepped down off our stool dejectedly. A quick recovery was made, however, when he spotted a shiny, aerodynamic motorcycle helmet placed next to one of the public computers. A man in a riding jumpsuit had biked over to the library to use the computer and noticed the boy’s eyes widen at the sight of this alluring piece of space-age equipment. He allowed the boy to put on his helmet (twice the size of the child’s head,) and with the mother’s permission the three of them walked out of the library together so that he could show the boy his motorcycle in the parking lot. It took just a few minutes from the man’s day to do this, but the little boy will surely remember it for a long time. Those of us who noticed this kind act were left beaming for the day. And, no doubt, we will see the boy back in the library soon looking for books about motorcycles!

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