Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: An Overview

July 26, 2019 // Filed under Blog

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a form of digital money that can be exchanged directly, person-to-person, without the need of a third party or bank intermediary. They constitute a technological breakthrough that allows everyone to be his or her own bank.

In this presentation at Bernardsville Public Library, 1 Anderson Hill Road, on Tuesday, July 30 at 7:00 pm, Lindsley Medlin, an international executive with more than 30 years of experience building and running businesses, will explain bitcoin and why it is important. Listeners will get an understanding of how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work, and how to get started with bitcoin themselves. Mr. Medlin will also clear up some of the misinformation about bitcoin being reported in the media. “You don’t need to be a technical person,” he says, “This program is designed for beginners.”

Mr. Medlin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and an MBA in Marketing, both from Rutgers University, as well as a Graduate Marketing Certificate from the SMU Cox School of Business in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, he is a Certified Blockchain Professional™ who has studied bitcoin in depth and founded the NJ Blockchain Center.

There is no charge to attend the program; advance registration is requested. Click here to sign up.

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