Blankets for Preemies from Saturday Crafters

September 25, 2013 // Filed under Uncategorized

IMG_5515Saturday Crafters, a Bernardsville Library crafting group, has just completed another charity project, this one to be donated to a local hospital.  Forty beautiful blankets for premature babies were knitted or crocheted by participating crafters who volunteered their time and materials for this project.

Participants chose their own patterns and yarns, so each blanket is truly one of a kind.  Hospitals are happy to receive these donations which they distribute to premature infants remaining in hospital for a period of time, often weeks.  The blankets not only help the babies regulate their body heat, but also add a cheerful note to the neonatal nursery setting.  When the infants are finally able to go home, the blankets are given to the departing families as a gift.

In addition to these preemie blankets, Saturday Crafters has produced a large quantity of woolen clothing for the Dulaan Project in Mongolia and has assembled knitted washcloth/soap sets for The Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown.  Members of Saturday Crafters also enjoy creating outfits for the holiday teddy bears given annually to needy children. New members are invited to attend monthly meetings of this group where they can make progress on their own handwork projects while enjoying the camaraderie of others.  All kinds of handcrafts are encouraged and welcomed.  The next meeting of Saturday Crafters will be October 19th at 3 p.m.

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