Borrowing Items

Library cardholders may borrow items from the library, including books, audiobooks, magazines, music CDs, and DVDs.

Borrowing Limits

There are no limits on most types of items. However, there is a loan limit of four (4) new fiction and four (4) new nonfiction books on the patron’s record at any one time.

Loan Periods

Most materials are due back to the library in 14 days (2 weeks) from check out. There are exceptions.  Pay DVDs are due in three (3) days, Book Group Bags are due in 6 weeks, and Museum Passes are due in three (3) days.  A longer loan period may be requested for special circumstances.  Due dates for downloadable or streaming items may vary according to the parameters set by library and the service provider.  Check each platform for current information.


Items may be returned inside the building during library hours or any time using the drop box outside the library.  Returns made to the box after 5:00 pm will be checked in on the next business day. Book club bags, museum passes, and electronic devices (Kindles, Rokus, Bluetooth speaker, etc.) may not be placed in the drop box for return.


Most items if not returned by the due date, will be charged a fine of 15 cents per day.  Pay DVDs are charged at $1.00 per day for each day overdue.  Museum Passes are charged at $10.00 per day for each day overdue, and Book Group Bags are charged $1.00 per day for each day overdue.  A one-day grace period is allowed for all items not including pay DVDs, Museum Passes, or Book Group Bags.  If the item is returned the day after the due date, no fine is charged.  If the item is two days late a fine is charged from the original due date (one day: no fine; two days: 30 cents). Borrowing privileges are suspended when unpaid fines total $10.00 or more.


Patrons wishing to borrow an item that is loaned out to another patron may place a hold on the item.  Excluded from this procedure are Museum Passes and any special items or collections in great demand such as Summer Reader Books for Somerset Hills School District students.  When an item is returned, a library staff member will contact the patron for whom the item is held, by phone in addition to the email automatically sent if that choice was selected by the patron.  The patron has up to three days to claim the item at the library.  A patron may have more time on the hold if they request it and give a definite pick-up time within a reasonable window.  Interlibrary Loan items are held for 10 days and then returned to the lending library.


For most items the Library, through its ILS, Polaris, has two automatic renewals. Such renewals occur only if no other patron has placed a hold on the item.  If the patron wishes a third renewal s/he may call and request it.  If no one is waiting, it can be renewed.  A fourth and final renewal is also available if circumstances warrant it, and must be requested by the patron.

New fiction and new non-fiction books will be renewed automatically only once, and may not be renewed again.


Patrons wishing to borrow an item that is loaned out to another patron may place a reserve. When the item is returned, library staff will contact the reserving patron who will then have up to three days to claim the item at the library. Link here to reserve items.