Donations Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

I. The Bernardsville Public Library (the “library”) solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support its core programs and special projects.
Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies and other entities.
The library will accept donations of money, real property, personal property, securities, and in-kind services.
Certain types of gifts must be reviewed prior to acceptance due to the special liabilities they may pose for the library. The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director will conduct such reviews, and may seek the advice of legal counsel. Examples of gifts which will be subject to review include gifts of real property or interests in real property, gifts of personal property, and gifts of closely-held securities. Examples of subjects that may be considered in such a review are the property’s relationship to the mission of the library; the condition of the property; its marketability; restrictions on the use, display or sale of the property; and possible carrying costs for real property, including but not limited to environmental liability.
Marketable securities will be sold upon acceptance. Gifts of property may be sold on acceptance or shortly thereafter, or may be kept, depending on the property’s potential use to the library.

II. Acknowledgement of gifts to the library
All gifts will be acknowledged in writing, generally within ten days of acceptance of the gift. Depending on the value of the gift, the acknowledgement may come from a staff member, the Executive Director, or the Board of Trustees
III. Annual recognition in library and newsletter for gifts to the library and its support organizations
The library, the Friends of the Bernardsville Public Library (the “Friends”) and the Bernardsville Library Foundation (the “Foundation”), via a joint Donor Recognition Committee, have made detailed recommendations for recognizing donors in the library on a calendar year basis. Their recommendations are attached and will be followed in 2019 for the first time; the success of these methods of recognition will be evaluated in 2019.

IV. Continued recognition of gifts to the Next Chapter Building and Furnishings Funds
Plaques, murals, bricks and the like that were affixed to library walls or furnishings that were placed in the entryway or patio at the time the new library building was opened will be removed when the walls or furnishings need renovation or replacement, or when the plaques, etc., have deteriorated. The plaques, etc, will not be replaced. All such donors will continue to be recognized on the large collective plaque currently mounted in the foyer or an equivalent plaque. Such gift recognition will generally not be for longer than a twenty-year period.

V. Naming opportunities for large gifts to the Friends, Foundation or directly to the library
The Board of Trustees will identify a limited number of areas that may be named for a donor of $250,000 or more. Opportunities for naming facilities includes, but is not limited to, new construction, renovations, and space designations. At all times, the Board of Trustees retains the discretion to rename renovated areas and spaces when renovation or replacement is required while continuing to acknowledge the donor’s original gift in an appropriate way. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to discontinue or eliminate a naming on a facility or space after its useful life at the sole determination of the Board. A time limit may be placed on a naming opportunity if the donation is not endowed or permanently established.

Book Donations

We appreciate book donations, but ask your cooperation in bringing the books into the building during open hours. Please do not leave bags of books outside – donations cannot be accepted without review by staff.

We can accept new and recent hardcover books, paperbacks in good condition, children’s books, CDs, DVDs and audio books. Due to limited storage space, however, we cannot accept old hardcover books, textbooks, or Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, or magazines.

Please Note: There can be no possibility of mold or none of the donations can be accepted. If your books were stored in a dark, damp area for 24 hours or more or have a stale smell, we cannot accept them as mold spores travel through the air and could infect the rest of the collection.