Earth Day Selections at Bernardsville Public Library

April 22, 2010 // Filed under Uncategorized

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day set aside each April to take action on environmental causes or simply to reflect on the relationship of man to Earth and the consequences of human activity on the planet’s ecosystems. 

Reading is one way to reflect on Earth Day 2010, and Bernardsville Public Library is stocked with many interesting and informative books on the subject.  For instance, there are brand new publications such as Jeff Goodell’s 2010 book, How to Cool the Planet, which explores how we might “geoengineer” our way out of global warming.  The WorldWatch Institute’s State of the World 2009 is another book addressing current environmental issues of concern.

For a contemplative approach to Earth Day, try the comprehensive anthology American Earth: environmental writing since Thoreau, edited by Bill McKibben in 2008.  Containing over 1000 pages of selections from American authors, this volume offers short works from such fiction writers as Annie Dillard,  Russell Baker, E. B. White, and Philip K. Dick as well as the words of the environmentalists/naturalists  John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, Rachel Carson and Paul Hawken, among others.  In the same vein, the 2008 publication Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: the environmental vision of C. S. Lewis by Matthew T. Dickerson examines the writings of C. S. Lewis for his views on man’s stewardship of the environment.

There are also many wonderful Earth Day books for children at Bernardsville Public Library.  Even Dora the Explorer has her own book.  Available in the children’s wing are numerous activity books with age-appropriate ideas to help your child celebrate this day.  A new book, Earth Heroes: champions of the wilderness, by Bruce Malnor is recommended reading to introduce your child to the life stories of great leaders in the environmental movement.  Ask our helpful librarians for further suggestions and enjoy the day!

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