Important News for CloudLibrary Users

February 2, 2021 // Filed under Blog

The Bernardsville Library recently joined the Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN) Library Consortium, substantially increasing patron access to materials and services. Starting on Monday, February 8, the library will be transitioning from its existing CloudLibrary electronic collection to MAIN’s CloudLibrary electronic collection. As with the library’s print-on-paper collection, the switch to MAIN’s CloudLibrary will double the number of eBooks and eAudiobooks that library patrons can access. This means more titles from which to choose and shorter waiting periods for popular titles.

During the transition period from February 8 – 22, there will be limited and possibly sporadic access to electronic materials through CloudLibrary.  In addition, because we are moving from one Cloud Library system to a completely different one, holds will not automatically transfer to the MAIN CloudLibrary and the existing hold lists will be eliminated on February 8. Patron history also will not transfer to the MAIN CloudLibrary.

Most importantly, as of February 8, items that patrons currently have borrowed through CloudLibrary may become unavailable.

Patrons can take a few simple steps to limit the inconvenience and negative impacts during the transition period.

The library recommends finishing materials before February 8 and noting titles of materials that cannot be finished. Many of these items can be borrowed from the MAIN CloudLibrary following the transition period.

Also, make a list of your holds. Once the transition is completed, patrons can recreate their hold list in the MAIN CloudLibrary collection. Those who keep a history should copy their list.  If you need help with these steps, call the library for assistance.

The library apologizes for these inconveniences. We hope, as you use the “new” Cloud Library, that you agree that the greater access to materials is worth the short-term sacrifice. In addition, the library encourages patrons to use some of the other electronic resources including HOOPLA and TumbleBooks, both of which can be found on our website at

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