Library Volunteers of the Year

August 21, 2012 // Filed under Uncategorized


At a reception on Sunday, September 23rd, Bernardsville Public Library will honor Fauzia Burke and Andrea Mastrobattista as our 2012 Volunteers of the Year.  The public is invited to attend this reception from 2-3 p.m. to congratulate these volunteers on this recognition.  Both women lead busy professional lives, yet they have found time over the years to provide their expertise for programs offered at the library.

Fauzia Burke is founder and president of FSB Associates, the premier internet marketing firm which promotes online awareness of authors and books.  The library has benefited from several programs she has led on social media marketing.  Ms. Burke also established a mediation practice which she has brought to the library since 2007 as a regular program called Splendid Life Meditation. This popular guided meditation program helps people manage stress, thereby leading to greater happiness.

Andrea Mastrobattista’s outlook on life centers on the principle of inspiration, which is the focus of her own empowerment business, Operation INSPIRATION.   Born with spina bifida, Ms. Mastrobattista must use ambulatory aides (wheelchair, crutches, braces), but it is her positive, inspirational spirit that gets everyone up and motivated at her well attended library workshops called The University of “Can-Do.”  She believes that no matter the circumstances, each person has the ability and strength to create and live a fulfilling, inspiring life.

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