Local History Volunteers Honored

May 21, 2012 // Filed under Uncategorized

Bernardsville Library’s History Committee, comprised of a very diligent group of volunteers, was recently honored at the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission’s awards ceremony. The History Committee received a History Award in Education, and the nomination noted that “Nowhere in Somerset County can one find a richer treasure trove of our history than Bernardsville Public Library where the volunteer History Committee has built an extraordinary collection of books, pamphlets,manuscripts, photographs, movies, clippings, maps, postcards, memorabilia and oral history which they continue to expand and enrich.”

The History Committee, known to us as Local History, maintains a multi-media collection of historical paraphernalia, including photographs, postcards, family histories, newspaper articles, old medicine bottles, crockery and other treasures found in people’s attics and files.  Inquiries are regularly received from people far and wide searching for information about ancestors, obituaries, Bernardsville history, or even famous local estates.  Oftentimes items are donated to Local History by people who come across things by happenstance and want to insure that they are preserved.  Local History volunteers meet in the library twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 1-4 p.m. and are available to answer your questions or provide assistance during those hours.

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