New "Neighbors" in the Library

January 26, 2009 // Filed under Uncategorized

photo source – Bernardsville Public Library

Two of Bernardsville Public Library’s collection areas – adult graphic novels/comics and readers’/book group advice – have been moved to form their own “neighborhood.” You will find these books on the shelving to the right as you enter the library (see photo above.)

Noting the growing adult interest in graphic novels, the library staff has brought together all our adult graphic novels and comic books to showcase these items. While Bernardsville Public Library’s young adult readers have had their own neighborhood collection of teen graphic novels and comics for some time, this is a new feature for adult readers of the graphic novel form.

In addition, people looking for ideas on what to read next will be able to go to one location to find suggestions for reading specific genres or finding top-rated and prizewinning books. This collection area is called BookFind and is located adjacent to the graphic novels, as seen in the photo above. Helpful resources for starting and running a successful book group are included as well. There you will also find information on our own Book Group Bags. These are zip-up canvas bags containing 10 paperback copies of popular books with reviews and background material on the authors. The Book Group Bags may be checked out for one month’s time.

Don’t forget that we have our own original bookmarks at the circulation desk which will give you a quick list of reading suggestions. Our bookmarks cover all the popular genres as well as special interest areas such as war fiction, asian writers, and travel. Staff members are always happy to make reading suggestions for you, as well.

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