Parenting Corner To The Rescue

May 27, 2009 // Filed under Uncategorized

photo source: Bernardsville Public Library
Do childrearing issues ever make you think you’ll go off your rocker? Then seek sanity at Bernardsville Public Library’s Parenting Corner. Find the answers to all your parenting questions within this wonderful assortment of books and videos clustered into a special collection just for parents, grandparents and childcare attendants. The Parenting Corner provides expectant and new parents with all the reassuring guidance they need to rear children with confidence and compassion. If you’ve survived your child’s early years, but are now befuddled by adolescence or agitated by the teen years, then pull up that rocker in the Parenting Corner and get informed.

photo source: Bernardsville Public Library

Do you have questions about childhood discipline or behavior issues? Are you looking for reliable information about childhood diagnoses such as Asperger’s Syndrome or ADHD? There are many resources and guidebooks for these concerns here. You’ll find cookbooks for making your own babyfood, ideas for family activities, and loads of dvds and videos to entertain and educate. Where is this fountain of youth, you ask? The Parenting Corner is located within the children’s department at the very entrance to the fiction wing. Your rocker is waiting there for you.

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