Password Managers – Why Everyone Needs One

March 10, 2020 // Filed under Blog

“Password Managers: Why Everyone Needs One” will be presented on Thursday, March 12 at 11:00 am. Identity theft is rampant online, yet most of us don’t protect our information as well as we should. But there’s an easy way to increase online safety: using a software program known as a password manager. In this class, attendees will learn how to create complex, unique passwords for all their accounts online (without driving themselves crazy), how to choose a password manager, and the ins and outs of setting one up.  The class will also be held at Bernards Township Library on Wednesday, March 18 at 7:00 pm. Our presenter is Karen Andriolo, Emerging Technologies Librarian at Bernards Township Library.

This class is part of the series, “Serious Fun: Use Your Device to Improve Your Life,” offered in a partnership of the two libraries. These classes highlight online safety, popular apps and websites, and help answer some of the common questions that come up in the ever-changing digital world. All the classes are free and advance registration is requested. To sign up for a class, go to where details of future classes are also available.

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