Pig Fever, Yes! Swine Flu, No!

June 30, 2009 // Filed under Uncategorized

Be Creative @ Your Library, Bernardsville Public Library’s summer reading program, has attracted a huge number of young readers, but it has also caused “Pig Fever” to break out among our patrons.

Anyone who enters the library is sure to experience symptoms that include gasps of amazement, feverish urges to smile, and an overwhelming sense of complete happiness. No one seems to be immune.

This is all due to the performing pigs who highlight the summer reading program theme of creativity…

and to their creator, Keiko Matsuura, who is one of our very talented library volunteers. Last year Keiko helped with the summer reading program by making the reading bugs that were so popular (see June 24, 2008 posting.)

Michaele Casey, Bernardsville librarian, once again asked Keiko to help her with this year’s summer reading display, and Keiko came up with a design concept that incorporated her fondness for pigs. It was decided that pigs doing creative things would be the perfect visual accent to the summer reading theme. Obviously, Keiko was the first one to come down with “Pig Fever” because she worked feverishly for two months to create the piggies out of papier mache and other materials.

Working from her home, Keiko glued multiple layers of brown paper around large balloons to form the pigs’ bodies and then attached limbs and other features with more papier mache. This process took days to complete, followed by many layers of paint, trim and accessories to give each pig a unique character. Eyes and some lips were formed from sponges that Keiko cut, and hair and clothing were created with sculpted paper, paint or yarn.

Keiko reports that the rock ‘n roll pig was the hardest one to make because he had to be able to stand even without the microphone. Although the pigs “hogged” the sofa in Keiko’s house for the past two months, she and her husband were sorry to see them go. But they are delighted that the pigs have made themselves right at home in the library! Come see for yourself, and catch the fever.

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