Poems for a Month or One Day

April 26, 2012 // Filed under Uncategorized

April is National Poetry Month, and today is Poem in Your Pocket Day.  April also is the birth month (and death month) of William Shakespeare, so poetry is definitely in the air and on our minds at Bernardsville Library.  Two of our book displays this month have showcased poets and poetry, one entitled “Life in Poetry” and the other featuring a variety of poetry collections in honor of National Poetry Month.  In addition, we have hosted a library program, “Coffee, Tea and Poetry,” where the audience was invited to read a variety of pre-selected poems.  Carl Sandburg wrote that  “Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes.” Poem in Your Pocket Day urges us to open our own packsacks and find expression through poetry.  To facilitate this, our library facebook page today welcomes the public to share a poem in honor of Poem in Your Pocket Day.

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