Create a BoHo Curtain on Makers Day

Date: Mar 23, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Bernardsville Library

Join Laura Shabazz (local artist and library staff member) and Jess Mauceri (Fairy Tale Inc. in Bernardsville) as they demonstrate how to upcycle fabric and clothing scraps into fabulous, no-sew boho décor. Please bring fabric items you’re willing to rip up and share with others: t-shirts, sheets and ends of sewing projects will work great. Want to make your project even cooler? Bring a funky stick from outside to act as your curtain or wall hanging rod. Some materials will be provided, but please bring some as well – the more variety, the better. If you can’t make the program, but have some fabric to spare, contact Laura Shabazz at Free. Registration is limited and is required in advance. Click here to sign up.