How the Somerset Hills Became the Somerset Hills

Date: Dec 8, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Bernardsville Library

This illustrated presentation by noted local historian W. Barry Thomson will cover the cultural, economic, and social factors that set in motion the so-called “Country House Era” that began in the 1870s, and how those factors played out in the Somerset Hills. The presentation will discuss the when, why, and how the beautiful rolling hills of northern Somerset and nearby Morris counties became “The Somerset Hills,” and the social cachet that came to be associated with that name. Mr. Thomson will cover the rise of the “New Money” plutocrats after the Civil War, how they lived and spent their vast incomes during what Mark Twain termed the “Gilded Age,” and how they worked to assimilate themselves into “Old Money” society. Free. Advance sign-up is requested. Click here to sign up.