Set Your Sights On Bernardsville Public Library’s Low Vision Station

June 18, 2009 // Filed under Uncategorized

Bernardsville Public Library has installed a new “Low Vision Station” among the public computers. This Low Vision computer is specifically dedicated for use by people with low vision or no vision.

The station includes an extra-wide monitor and Zoom Text software capable of magnifying screen images up to 36X. For those with no vision, there is an audio feature which reads the computer pages out loud, and headphones are provided for privacy. Users may even select from a female or male voice (even one with a British accent!) to read aloud Web sites, email or Word files.

The Low Vision Station may be customized to the user’s preference in terms of color background, cursor and pointer styles, and focus tools. The default setting is 2X magnification, but the photos above show a few different magnifications. Please let friends or family members with low vision or no vision know about this new library feature.

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