Board & Staff

Board of Trustees


Vice President
John Bertoni
Richard Diegnan
Lucy Orfan
Mary Jane Canose
Gretchen Dempsey

Link here for Board of Trustees members’ biographies.

Trustee Committees

Finance: Mark A. Krook (Chair), Patrice Cummings, Richard Diegnan,Terry Thompson, Alexandria Arnold
Nominating: Lucy Orfan (Chair), Gretchen Dempsey, Valerie Zanardi
Personnel: Valerie Zanardi (Chair), Patrice Cummings, Terry Thompson, Alexandria Arnold
Planning: Terry Thompson, Alexandria Arnold
Policy: Lucy Orfan (Chair), Terry Thompson, Alexandria Arnold



Library Staff Members


Alexandria ArnoldAlexandria Arnold

Executive Director

Specialty: Administration

What Alexandria likes best about her job:

I enjoy working with an experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide excellent library service! 

Rocio Campbell

Information & Borrowers’ Services AssistantRocio Campbell

Specialty: Shelving the collection

What Rocio likes best about her job:

I really enjoy interacting with our patrons, young and old, and everyone in between. Helping them have an optimal library experience is my main goal everyday.

Kat Carty

Youth Services Supervisor

Specialty: Teen programming

What Kat likes best about her job:

Coming up with fun new programs for teens to enjoy and share with their families.

Laura Cole

Information & Borrowers’ Services Assistant

Specialty: Reader’s Advisory

What Laura likes best about her job:

Helping library patrons access our free books, audio books, and magazines online.

Jim Droney       Jim

Systems Analyst     

Specialty: IT Systems Management

What Jim likes best about his job:

The complexity and the never-ending challenges.

Madelyn English


Adult Program Manager / Public Relations Manager / Business Manager

Specialty: Programs and publicity materials

What Madelyn likes best about her job:

I like the variety of subjects we cover in our programs and the many interesting people I meet through my job at the library – whether presenters, library users, artists or musicians.

Justine Ferrara

Youth Services Library Assistant

Specialty: Code Club and STEM programs

What Justine likes best about her job:

I like working with children and their families.

Sarah Gillis

Sarah GillisTechnical Services Manager

Specialty:  Reader’s Advisory

What Sarah likes best about her job:

I like talking about books and recommending books to patrons.

Pat Kennedy-Grant


Information & Borrowers’ Services Manager / Facilities Manager


Finding answers to questions and encouraging patrons to experience all the diverse services we have to offer.

What Pat likes best about her job:

I love solving problems and working with patrons to create the best possible library experience.

Janice KildeaJanice Kildea

Information & Borrowers’ Services Assistant

Specialty: Reader’s Advisory

What Janice likes best about her job:

What I like best is reading the children’s picture books when no one is looking.

Kristin McCarthy

Social Media Assistant

Specialty: Creating graphics and video for promoting the library and their programs.

What Kristin likes best about her job:

I love helping the patrons and spreading my enthusiasm of the library culture and community.

Susan Popper


Information & Borrowers’ Services Assistant

Specialty: Collection Development – British Series

What Susan likes best about her job:

I like the patron interaction especially when recommending books or films…it makes my job more interesting and informative; I also appreciate learning about new technologies which help to make me less of a dinosaur. 

Laura Skerratt Shabazz

Information & Borrowers’ Services Assistant

Specialty: Reader’s Advisory

What Laura likes best about her job:

Planning the Maker Space event.

Tammy Shaw

Youth Services Manager

Specialty: Providing cradle to college resources and entertainment

What Tammy likes best about her job:

Watching patrons of all ages light up when I find just the right book, resource or program for them.

Sharon Sushko

Sharon Sushko

Youth Services Library Assistant

Specialty: Working with patrons—big and small—to get the most out of their library time.

What Sharon likes best about her job:

Trying to beat the high score on the kids’ computer games.

Ryan Scott Weber


Technical Services Assistant

Information & Borrowers’ Services Assistant

Specialty: Knowing the DVD catalog inside and out

What Ryan likes best about his job:

What I like best is working with the community.