Summer Reading: Literary Novels Served Up With Werewolves And Robots

May 27, 2011 // Filed under Uncategorized

Better stockpile some silver bullets and wolfsbane; this summer could get hairy!

Supernatural fiction has elbowed its way to the forefront, but this year you’ll find an even greater intermixing of genres such as science fiction or occult with literary fiction according to The Wall Street Journal article of today entitled “The Season of the Supernatural.”  Novelists are taking a stab at writing crossover books which bridge literary fiction with the popular genres of fantasy and the supernatural.

Successful publications such as Justin Cronin’s The Passage have encouraged writers to utilize vampires, werewolves and robots as devices in their new literary novels.  Well-known author Michael Chabon comments in this article on the similarity between writing a literary novel and writing science fiction, “Your job is exactly the same – to persuade the reader that it is all true. That’s the same if you are writing about suburban New Jersey, as well as suburban Jupiter.”

A number of new crossover fiction books are suggested for your summer reading in this interesting article. Perhaps Glen Duncan’s upcoming book, The Last Werewolf, will grip you by the throat with heartfelt feeling  for the melancholy werewolf protagonist. And now that the recent interest in Doomsday predictions has surfaced, Tom Perrotta’s book The Leftovers ought to take readers away, just as a Doomsday event described in the book has taken away a mass of people. Perrotta states, “I thought I could write a comic novel about the apocalypse, but I quickly realized it would be a book about grief.”  Click on the link to read more.

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