The Briny Deep

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  Neither sailors nor readers want to find themselves “in the doldrums” – languishing in a torpid state, going nowhere – yet August is a time of year when readership can be affected by the weather.  We’re halfway through a sweltering summer and exhausted by it.  We need a bit of sea spray and a cool, off-shore breeze to revive us.  We need to read some nautical tales! To find the right book for you, try Bookmarks Magazine’s reading list, … Continue reading

David Foster Wallace

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The Pale King, an unfinished novel by the late, laureled American author David Foster Wallace, will be released in bookstores next week.  Because the premise of the story deals with the routine (or not) of work in an IRS center, the publisher set the release date to coincide with the normal deadline for tax filing, April 15th.  Well, there are always those creative types who know their way around deadlines, and in this case, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble … Continue reading

What to Read, What to Read…

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For those who like to read book reviews online, there are a number of good resources posted on the sidebar of  Book News and More. Scroll down and look to the left for the heading, Book Links. Among the linkable sites listed is the American Library Association’s resource, Booklist.  Booklist Online allows you to read a large amount of free content in an organized and comprehensive format.  For instance, from the current home page you can select “Booklist Editors’ Choice: Adult Books 2010” … Continue reading

Become a Fan of Bernardsville Library on Facebook

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If you use Facebook, Bernardsville Public Library cordially invites you to become a fan of the library on the new Facebook page! This is a great way to keep up with library news, events, discussion topics, and resources. Please interact with us by posting comments and by taking part in discussions. You’ll notice that Book News and More currently is running the library’s Facebook feed on its sidebar. From this box you can easily click the “become a fan” button … Continue reading

Bernardsville Tweets And So Can You

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Check out Bernardsville Public Library’s colorful and informative Twitter page, Bville Tweets, for the latest library news. Become a follower @ to get the library’s feed directly – just click “follow” on our Twitter page. You can also read our updates on this blog, Book News and More, and on our library MySpace page. These updates are posted in the small blue Twitter box on both sites. To learn how Twitter works, attend a presentation by Amy Kearns, tweeter … Continue reading

Polka Dots To Live or Die?

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Is there a doctor in the house? Our polka dot Blogger template, which once shimmered with subtle shades of gray and celadon as seen above, has now started to look anemic and thoroughly washed out on certain monitors, but not on others. What’s with that? I was rather fond of those little happy dots; they reminded me of button candy, but now they look like this:Sad. I took these pictures from the same monitor so that you can see the … Continue reading

Bernardsville Tweets…

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You can now follow up-to-the-last-second news from Bernardsville Public Library by looking for the lovely blue Twitter box prominently situated on the library’s blog Book News and More and on the library’s MySpace page. Our Twitter box is entitled “Bernardsville Tweets.” Use the up and down arrow on the Twitter box to navigate through older “tweets” dating back to March as well. We promise not to bore you with jazz about what we had for lunch, but we will keep … Continue reading

Try Out One of Our Links to Great Book Information

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Book News and More provides a lot of interesting links on its sidebar, one of which is being featured here:BookPage is a monthly print publication which brings you the latest news about authors and recently published works. BookPage is available online as well, so simply scroll down our sidebar to “Book Links” and click on BookPage. You can also click on the images in this posting to go directly to their Web site.Bernardsville Public Library also provides free copies of … Continue reading

Click Away

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“So, just what are those links on the sidebar of the Book News and More blog and where will they take me?” Well, they certainly will not take you to creepyville or spam territory or the dreaded crash zone. These links are here to provide you with great reading and reference resources. They will help you find such varied information as the ratings of popular movies or a list of books in a particular series. There’s even a link that … Continue reading

Go Ahead…Push That Button!

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As more and more people have recently discovered, local and state libraries are among the best places to go for help in addressing today’s challenging economic problems. Numerous postings on the Book News and More blog have educated you about some of the ways Bernardsville Public Library can help you weather these financial storms. Simply click on the word “economy” on this blog’s labels to find these postings. Now the New Jersey State Library has stepped in to offer a … Continue reading

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