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Seriously, you thought your digital devices and smartphones were supposed to make you smart or at least make life easier for you. Somewhere along the way, things got complicated, and now you find yourself lost in a tangle of apps and phone features you don’t even know how to use. And can you even find half of them when you want them? It’s time to become smartphone savvy, and we have just the help for you at our Serious Fun classes taught … Continue reading

Reach for the Top

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The pinnacle of success in life is built upon a foundation of hard work; it’s nearly impossible to achieve goals without it. Whether you’re a student writing a research paper, an adult seeking career advancement, a foreign-language speaker learning English, or a curious mind expanding your knowledge base, the public library provides you with the tools and inspiration necessary to get to the top. Best of all, these resources are abundant and free to you. We think the first step on your way … Continue reading

MakerSpace: A Creator’s Dream @ Bernardsville Library

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Bernardsville Public Library is pleased to offer MakerSpace, where creativity meets computer.                               A new iMac computer with extra-large monitor is now available for creators who want to work on photography, music, illustration, and other projects.  Our MakerSpace programs include Apple’s iPhoto, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as well as Photoshop and Garage Band.  Special headphones, mouse and keyboard are part of a check-out kit which entitles Bernardsville Library members … Continue reading

e-Books to iPad

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Learn how to download books and music to iPad at Bernardsville Library’s program on January 31st at 7 p.m.  The procedure and apps you need will be demonstrated by Cranbury Public Library’s Doug Baldwin, librarian and IT expert.  Feel free to bring your iPad with you. If you don’t own an iPad, why not try out Bernardsville Public Library’s iPad which may be borrowed with a Bernardsville Library card?  For more information or to sign up for this program, call … Continue reading

Expand Your Career Options

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Are you looking for a job or considering a career change? Have you been thinking about starting a new business? Are you seeking professional licensing or certification? Taking any of these actions could potentially change your life for the better, and Bernardsville Public Library is prepared to help you along that pathway. Visit the library’s newly updated Career Center which is filled with information for career guidance, continuing education, job search skills, exam and test preparation, and self-employment resources.  In addition … Continue reading

Bernardsville Tweets And So Can You

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Check out Bernardsville Public Library’s colorful and informative Twitter page, Bville Tweets, for the latest library news. Become a follower @ to get the library’s feed directly – just click “follow” on our Twitter page. You can also read our updates on this blog, Book News and More, and on our library MySpace page. These updates are posted in the small blue Twitter box on both sites. To learn how Twitter works, attend a presentation by Amy Kearns, tweeter … Continue reading

Set Your Sights On Bernardsville Public Library’s Low Vision Station

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Bernardsville Public Library has installed a new “Low Vision Station” among the public computers. This Low Vision computer is specifically dedicated for use by people with low vision or no vision. The station includes an extra-wide monitor and Zoom Text software capable of magnifying screen images up to 36X. For those with no vision, there is an audio feature which reads the computer pages out loud, and headphones are provided for privacy. Users may even select from a female or … Continue reading

Click Away

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“So, just what are those links on the sidebar of the Book News and More blog and where will they take me?” Well, they certainly will not take you to creepyville or spam territory or the dreaded crash zone. These links are here to provide you with great reading and reference resources. They will help you find such varied information as the ratings of popular movies or a list of books in a particular series. There’s even a link that … Continue reading

Go Ahead…Push That Button!

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As more and more people have recently discovered, local and state libraries are among the best places to go for help in addressing today’s challenging economic problems. Numerous postings on the Book News and More blog have educated you about some of the ways Bernardsville Public Library can help you weather these financial storms. Simply click on the word “economy” on this blog’s labels to find these postings. Now the New Jersey State Library has stepped in to offer a … Continue reading

As Seen From The Front Desk

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The other day a mother and her young child returned some books at the circulation desk. The parting between the child and his books was sorrowful, and he politely pleaded with his mother to keep them longer. But mother prevailed, and so the child stepped down off our stool dejectedly. A quick recovery was made, however, when he spotted a shiny, aerodynamic motorcycle helmet placed next to one of the public computers. A man in a riding jumpsuit had biked … Continue reading

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