Iranian Authors On Iran

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Published in 2008, The Ayatollah Begs To Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran was written by Hooman Majd who, as coincidence would have it, is the grandson of a noted ayatollah. Born in Tehran but now living in the United States, Majd tries to explain the multi-faceted, conflicting nature of Persian life to westerners. In a review, The Financial Times states, “Hooman Majd offers a more conversational way into the history of Iran in The Ayatollah Begs to Differ, with … Continue reading

Political Choices Display

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Does the General Election slugfest have you sick, sick, sick of TV, yet you still hanker for more? Well, turn off the boob tube and breeze on over to our Political Choices display in the nonfiction wing of Bernardsville Public Library. There you’ll find an interesting and balanced selection of reading and listening material authored by political figures, pundits and commentators focusing on politics in the United States right now. photo source – Bernardsville Public Library On a similar front, … Continue reading