The Briny Deep

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  Neither sailors nor readers want to find themselves “in the doldrums” – languishing in a torpid state, going nowhere – yet August is a time of year when readership can be affected by the weather.  We’re halfway through a sweltering summer and exhausted by it.  We need a bit of sea spray and a cool, off-shore breeze to revive us.  We need to read some nautical tales! To find the right book for you, try Bookmarks Magazine’s reading list, … Continue reading

Not To Be Overlooked

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Here are two noteworthy pieces of fiction that you may have missed.  Both books present wonderful reading experiences and deserve your notice.  Kevin Holohan’s caustic and witty book, The Brothers’ Lot, delivers a swift kick to the crumbling moral decay of Irish Catholic brotherhoods and church schools in this debut novel.  Holohan’s story will leave you angered, but also bemused that there could be anything laughable about the corrupted world of the “Brothers of Godly Coercion for Boys of Meager Means.” … Continue reading

Rafa’s Rock

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Here’s a very enjoyable new sports memoir entitled Rafa about the tennis champion Rafael Nadal. Co-authored with John Carlin who works for El Pais, the Spanish language newspaper, this is a well written book which clearly distinguishes Nadal’s voice from Carlin’s as chapters alternate between the two.  Nadal’s opening chapter introduces us to the tennis player’s state of mind, always a battleground against his own thoughts, as Nadal prepares to face off against Roger Federer in the 2008 Wimbledon final.  Nadal … Continue reading

Staff Picks to Pick Up

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Stumped for a book to read and no time to browse?  Stop by the lobby display of Bernardsville Library Staff Picks loaded with items for all kinds of readers, including children.  There are many biographies, cookbooks, movies, music cds, audiobooks, fiction, nonfiction, and picture books from which to chose.  See what the staff recommends and share your suggestions, too.  It’s one-stop shopping, library style!

Elephants and Crocs, as Seen by the Doc

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Tales of an African Vet by Dr. Roy Aronson brings the reader up close and quite personal with the kinds of wild animals that tourists dream about but may never see on safari.  Each of the 19 stories chronicles an interesting medical case handled by this highly-skilled South African veterinarian.  Some of the casesseemed hopeless at the time; others appeared almost impossible to treat.  How do you track and treat in the wild a lionness with entropion of the eyelid, a condition which could eventually blind her?   How safe … Continue reading

Rework Your Business Thinking

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Thomas Alva Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  Rework, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson’s new book, supplies 271 pages of sheer inspiration to get you motivated about work and your career dreams. And the good news is that this is a very quick and easy book to read.  Rework is filled with bold illustrations and short, punchy topics of one or two pages each, such as “Long Lists Don’t Get Done” and “Start at the Epicenter.” After reading it, you might … Continue reading

Life At A Snail’s Pace

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Elisabeth Tova Bailey’s 2010 book, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, describes life truly lived at a snail’s pace. Victim of a virulent virus which attacked her autonomic nervous system and caused mitochondrial disease, Elisabeth Tova Bailey faced a depressing prognosis of extreme fatigue and the inability to maintain adequate blood pressure in an upright position.  In short, she would have to live life reclining because her body was unable to function in an upright manner. Although she had periods of … Continue reading

Tom Rob Smith

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London-born writer Tom Rob Smith just may be the go-to author for people who are ready to move on from Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series. Smith’s first book, Child 44, bears all the hallmarks of a great crime thriller – enduring suspense, characters who grow with the well-plotted storyline, and a relevant setting of historical authenticity, in this case, post-Stalinist Russia. His subsequent novel, The Secret Speech, and an upcoming publication, Agent 6, carry forward the story of Leo Stepanovich Demidov, … Continue reading

Staff Pick: Unbearable Lightness

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Library staff member Linda Sexton has written the following review of actress Portia De Rossi’s new book, which is available at Bernardsville Public Library. “I just finished the memoir Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi. I wasn’t sure what to expect since she is a celebrity, but the book was written with honesty and courage. The book is about her long battle with anorexia and subsequent binging and purging.  Portia De Rossi also discusses the underlying fear she had that her homosexuality would … Continue reading

Staff Pick: Anthony Doerr’s Short Stories

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If you are looking for highly inventive, finely executed writing,  give Anthony Doerr’s books a try.  Doerr’s first publication was a set of short stories, The Shell Collector, which came out to positive reviews in 2002.  Subsequent to that, he published the nonfiction work, Four Seasons in Rome, and a novel, About Grace. He continues to write for such magazines as McSweeney’s, Orion, and Zoetrope: All-Story. and has just published a second collection of short fiction entitled Memory Wall: stories.  His writing has received … Continue reading

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