Go Green This Halloween

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What a great idea!!  Donate your gently used Halloween costumes so that others can purchase them at the upcoming Halloween Costume Sale hosted by Bernardsville Library’s Teen Group. Recycling a costume makes perfect sense these days and is in keeping with the Teen Group’s interest in the “green” movement. Your slightly used Halloween costumes for children or adults are now being accepted in the donation box located in our lobby.  Costume accessories are also welcome.  The fun part starts on … Continue reading

Coming Full Circle

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  The Bernardsville Public Library Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Anne Meany will serve as Interim Director while it conducts a search for a permanent director of our library.  Many people in the area are already familiar with Anne, a resident of Bernards Township, who recently retired as Director of Bernards Township Library. Prior to that position, she was Director at our library, Bernardsville Public Library. She has also worked in the Somerville and Raritan public libraries … Continue reading

Pinterest Interests

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  Bernardsville Library is on Pinterest @http://pinterest.com/bvplnj/ with many interesting boards for you to explore. Pinterest is an online, image-based way to share creative ideas and photos using a bulletin board format.  Libraries use Pinterest as yet another way to enhance their Web presence and to promote themselves.  Our bulletin boards cover topics such as Jersey Authors, Library Displays, Adult Programs, and school-required/suggested Summer Reading lists, to name just a few.  We also feature some entertaining boards such as Edible Books! … Continue reading

Summer Reading: Literary Novels Served Up With Werewolves And Robots

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Better stockpile some silver bullets and wolfsbane; this summer could get hairy! Supernatural fiction has elbowed its way to the forefront, but this year you’ll find an even greater intermixing of genres such as science fiction or occult with literary fiction according to The Wall Street Journal article of today entitled “The Season of the Supernatural.”  Novelists are taking a stab at writing crossover books which bridge literary fiction with the popular genres of fantasy and the supernatural. Successful publications such … Continue reading

Madame X in Literature and X-Rays

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As a follow-up to the Saturday Samplers book group discussion of  Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X by Deborah Davis, here are a few points of interest that we learned. The original version of the painting, Portrait de Mme ***, which caused such a stir at the Paris Salon of 1884, was captured in only one black and white photograph, seen above. The pose of Madame Gautreau with her jeweled strap seductively slipping off her shoulder brought notoriety … Continue reading

Just For Fun

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In keeping with the library’s “be creative” summer theme, I thought I’d share this creative senior film project by Bang-yao Liu, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design. He stuck colorful Post-it notes to a facsimile of his dorm wall, over and over, to make a stop-motion film entitled “Deadline.” Clever and fun. To see how he did it, watch the second film clip below, in which over 6,000 Post-its are put to good use over 4 days … Continue reading

Worried About Swine Flu? At Least It’s Not the Plague…

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Get the latest information on the H1N1 flu virus (governmentese for swine flu) by going to pandemicflu.gov . Once you have calmed your nerves, experience real tears and feverish chills as you read about life during years of the plague in the following two books recommended by Evelyn Fischel of Bernardsville Public Library. Dava Sobel’s excellent biography of Galileo Galilei focuses on his relationship with his devoted, but cloistered daughter, Suor Maria Celeste – hence the title, Galileo’s Daughter. It … Continue reading

Earth, Trees and Thee

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photo source: Bernardsville Public Library This is a busy week for ecological celebrations. Earth Day will spring up for it 39th anniversary on Wednesday, April 22nd. Two days later comes Arbor Day which was first organized in 1872 and is always held on the last Friday in April. What both these days need (besides water and sunshine) is an army of volunteers to tend to the landscape and care for the earth. Good thing National Volunteer Week is taking place … Continue reading

Click Away

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“So, just what are those links on the sidebar of the Book News and More blog and where will they take me?” Well, they certainly will not take you to creepyville or spam territory or the dreaded crash zone. These links are here to provide you with great reading and reference resources. They will help you find such varied information as the ratings of popular movies or a list of books in a particular series. There’s even a link that … Continue reading

Doctor, Heal Thyself: An Addiction Memoir With A Happy Ending

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Evelyn Fischel, staff member at Bernardsville Public Library, recently read this compelling nonfiction account of alcoholism and a promising drug treatment “cure.” Here is her review: Olivier Ameisen is a notable French cardiologist who practiced medicine and taught at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College. A talented pianist, Ameisen was urged by no less than Arthur Rubenstein to pursue music rather than medicine as his intended career. He was also the first and only student to pass the … Continue reading

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