Teddy Bears Need Clothing, Too

November 19, 2013 // Filed under Uncategorized

IMG_4179Once again, Bernardsville Public Library is participating in the annual Teddy Bear project. In just a few weeks, the Salvation Army will be distributing these teddy bears to needy children in New Jersey as a holiday treat.  But first, there is something missing; the bears are bare and need clothing!

Right now the teddies sit patiently in our lobby cases waiting for their outfits, so we invite you to drop by, borrow a bear, dress it, and then return it before Thanksgiving. Outfits may be purchased at craft stores as well as clothing stores where preemie and small infant sizes fit the bears nicely.  Another alternative is to create your own teddy bear outfit.  Sew a dress, knit a sweater, stitch together a fleece top – be creative and enjoy the experience of dressing your teddy in a style that a child would love.  Feel the satisfaction of knowing your teddy bear will give a child much needed happiness this holiday season.

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