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Middle and High School Calendar of Events

Volunteer Information!

Middle School Community Service

Postponed until further Notice

We will be offering three sessions of community service throughout the school year. The students will meet five times during each session for a total of five community service hours per session. We are requiring that students register for the entire session, Students must plan to attend all five dates in the session. Students who have already completed one session of community service will be placed on a wait list to give as many students as possible an opportunity to participate in the program. 

If  Once the work is done, students will play games, work on tech projects, do crafts, socialize and have snacks.We make work fun!

Spring Session Information

Grades 5 and 6

Mondays, 3/16, 3/30, 4/13, 4/27, 5/11,  4:45-5:45 pm  Postponed until further Notice

 Grades 7 and 8

Thursdays, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/16, 4/23, 4:45-5:45 pm Postponed until further Notice

Registration for all grades for the Spring Session opens on March 2nd. Students must plan to attend all five dates in the session.


High School Community Service

Postponed until further Notice

Wednesdays, 3/11 & 4/15

 Saturdays,  3/21 & 4/25

From 3:00-4:00 pm Grades 9-12

Work on a variety of projects to earn community service hours.  No application or registration is needed.  Please arrive on time in order to earn the full hour of service.*No Registration Required

For more information about our volunteer opportunities, please click here.         

Music & Stuff

Want to create your own music or learn how? Take a look at our Music & Stuff page!

 Listen to our Teen Playlist! Teens chose songs that reminded them of the books they have read. Please click here to listen!   


 Teen Events


Cancelled: Write-a-Way!: Creative Writing Club
 Tuesdays, 3/24 & 4/28th 4:00-5:00pm Grades 9-12
Do you love to write poems, short stories, novels, or scripts? This program offers free writing time, opportunities to collaborate with your peers, and fun writing prompts.





Cancelled: Comic Book Club  

Tuesday, 3/17 & 4/21 from 4:00 – 5:00pm Grades 6-12th
Who would win: Superman, Goku, All Might or Thor?! Meet and discover new comic books then make a book-related craft. Snacks will be provided! 



Summer Reading was a huge success! Thank you everyone for participating! 


Summer Event Reviews!

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons July

Anonymous GR.9:

The Dungeons and Dragons event was something I had wanted to do for a while. I took two friends with me and we all learned how to play. It was a really fun event, battling foes, getting dragons eggs and all other scenarios. The instructor was really great and helped us along the way. I would definitely do this again, and I’m glad I went! It was super duper fun!


Intro to Dungeons and Dragons pt.2 August

Anonymous 9th Grade:

Yet again, our quest begun! I returned to this event because it was super fun last time and I wanted to do it again. This time, we faced all-new foes, creatures, and party-members. This program is perfect for anyone who has always wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons but has been unsure about it. The instructor was super helpful in guiding us on our journey. See you on our next quest!



Fandom Friday: Harry Potter

Anonymous GR.9:

This was a pretty cool event! We watched Harry Potter and ate snacks and also did some really amazing crafts! I got a wand permit (which was pretty nice!) and we played a vintage Harry Potter game that was really fun! I had a great time!




Fandom Friday: Nintendo

A.P. Gr.9:

This event was extremely enjoyable! Between the crafts and the various games offered, I’d say this was a wonderful experience that I would definitely attend again.



Harry Potter Themed Murder Mystery Party!

Anonymous GR.9:

Murder Mystery was really fun! I went with a friend and we both had an amazing time! We were assigned characters and interacted with other people who were all part of the mystery. The snacks were really good and we also did a little bit of wizard trivia at one point. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone who likes Harry Potter and wants to interact with people with similar interests.

A.P. Gr.9:

This Murder Mystery Event allowed others to meet new people that shared a mutual love for Harry Potter. It was a phenomenal way to talk about something we were passionate about while simultaneously participating in an engaging activity that challenged our ability to problem-solve.


Washi Tape 

Anonymous 9th Grade

The Washi tape craft was really fun! It was basically a program where you cover things like bookmarks, pencils, or even school supplies with cute decorative tape. There were so many cute and colorful tapes to choose from. I would definitely recommend this activity as a fun way to beat stress while making something totally unique!




Summer Book Reviews! 

Born A Crime By Trevor Noah

(Remarkable, Comedic, Brilliant)

This is my new favorite book. Trevor Noah manages to convey such a significant portion of his lifetime through his comedic attitude and writing tone. As you read on into the novel, you feel as if you grew up with him and shared the same experiences he tells you about in such vivid detail.(A.P. GR. 9)



The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time By Mark Haddon

(Brilliant, Poignant, Clever)

This novel hooks you the moment you begin to read it. It’s extremely emotionally powerful, largely through the form of the main character, Christopher, as he experiences difficulty articulating his pain into full sentences. The author, Mark Haddon, illuminates bits of wisdom in a rather unique manner. Overall, it’s quite a clever book.  (A.P. GR. 9)



Divergent By Veronica Roth (Predictable, Cliché, Rudimentary)

At first, this novel appeared to be a rather captivating read. However, upon finishing the first chapter, I realized it was anything but that. The characters are bland and the plot is extremely predictable, as it follows the basic story line that all dystopian novels tend to utilize. Overall, it was not a very good book. (A.P. GR. 9)



Dumplin’ By Julie Murphy

(Powerful, Confident, Engaging)

This story is so incredibly inspiring and powerful through the way it is written. It teaches readers a crucial life lesson through the eyes of a beautifully written character.(A.P. GR. 9)




The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

(Terrible, Idiotic, Annoying)

I was expecting SO MUCH from this book. It had great reviews, a fantastic online summary, and my friends seemed to enjoy it. However, once I read it for myself, I was severely disappointed. The plot is so incredibly cliché and boring, and the two main characters annoy me beyond belief.(A.P. GR. 9)



Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (Fascinating, Ingenious,Touching)

Daniel Keyes manages to illustrate the effects of a severely inhumane experiment through the development of Charlie throughout the novel. Additionally, Keyes’ flawless writing technique makes the story even more of a masterpiece. (A.P. GR. 9)



The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas

(Inspirational, Powerful, Wonderful)

This book is incredible. The characters are so beautifully written that you feel as if you know each of them personally. You feel for them, hearing their struggles and wishing you could.(A.P. GR. 9)




The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold (Stunning, Compelling, Complex)

Novels like this aren’t meant to make you happy about the world we inhabit. They’re meant to open your eyes to the harsh reality of this planet. That’s exactly what this book did. Through the death of a child, the author managed to convey such emotional grief to the reader, forcing each reader to think about the book in depth.  (A.P. GR. 9)



One of Us Is Lying By Karen M. McManus (Captivating, Intriguing, Brilliant)

This novel is addictive. The moment you begin to read it, it becomes extremely difficult to put it down since it is such a beautifully written story. Additionally, it harbors such a thrilling plot that manages to keep you hooked throughout the entirety of the book.(A.P. GR. 9)



Shatter Me

(Cliche, Boring, Predictable)

I started this series with high hopes but quickly realized that, in fact, this book was simply a common cliche teen novel. The main character is over dramatic and takes away from the excitement of the plot. (A.P. GR. 9)



What If It’s Us

(Heartwarming, Honest, Lovable)

The moment you meet Arthur and Ben, the two main characters present in the novel, you’ll immediately fall in love with them both. With such a sweet and honest plot, this book is hard to resist! (A.P. GR. 9)



When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

(Odd, Mesmerizing, Unusual)

Although this is one of the strangest novels I’ve ever read, it’s also one of the best. The characters are so well written to the point where you forget you’re reading a book and feel as if you’re instead right there beside them, experiencing life alongside them. (A.P. GR. 9)



A Curse So Dark and Lonely  By Brigid Kemmerer (Eye-opening, Enchanting, Electric)

Though it started slowly, the rich fantasy world of Emberfall had stunning imagery and told a gorgeous story of love and hope in the context of war and illness and death.(Lauren D. GR. 11)




The Omnivore’s Dilemma By Michael Pollan (Haunting, Interesting, Disgusting)

Though Pollan sometimes got bogged down in the details, he presented an eye-opening look into the food industry which was vivid and engaging. (Lauren D. GR. 11)