The "Challenge" Is On – What Are You Reading?

February 4, 2010 // Filed under Uncategorized

Read any good books lately? 

If you are participating in the 50 Book Challenge at Bernardsville Public Library, you may have read one or two by now.  The Challenge, which asks you to read 50 books in one year, has now begun. Participants have been given reading logs and instructions, but there’s still room and time for others to join the group.  Please access our information about the 50 Book Challenge on this blog or on the library’s Web site and become a member, too!

Back to the initial question:  What are you reading this year as part of the 50 Book Challenge?  The comments link at the bottom of this posting offers you the opportunity to list some good (or bad) books you’ve read and to express your opinions about them. You may also write a more extended review which I will post on this blog at a future date. Please consult Karen Vaias, 50 Book Challenge leader, for details.

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