The Cooked Seed

January 23, 2014 // Filed under Uncategorized

cooked seed

Anchee Min’s 2013 biography, The Cooked Seed, will be discussed at the next meeting of Memoirs and Coffee on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 10:30 a.m. in the Community Room. Memoirs and Coffee is a Bernardsville Public Library book discussion group led by staff member Pat Kennedy-Grant and is open to newcomers. Copies of the book are available at the circulation desk.

The Cooked Seed recounts further developments in Ms. Min’s life since her debut personal narrative, Red Azalea, became a smash hit in 1994. Subsequent to that debut, the author published 6 novels including Becoming Madame Mao and Pearl of China.  Returning to the story of her impoverished life under China’s Cultural Revolution, Anchee Min’s The Cooked Seed lays bare the hardships in her homeland that led her to emigrate to the States. But her new life in Chicago proved to be a difficult adjustment as well.  Pick up a copy of The Cooked Seed to learn more and consider joining this upcoming book discussion.

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