The Good Girls Revolt

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good girls revolt

Memoirs and Coffee, one of Bernardsville Library’s book groups, will discuss Lynn Povich’s  The Good Girls Revolt, on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 10:30 a.m. in the Community Room.  Copies of the book are now available and new members are invited to attend.

The Good Girls Revolt recounts the story of a movement for female workers’ rights at Newsweek in the 1960’s when women were deemed suitable only for the mail room and fact checking.  Newsweek’s female workforce wanted more, specifically that a third of the reporters and writers be women, and they sued Newsweek twice for a more equitable distribution of jobs.

What seems like a reasonable demand now was revolutionary at the time.  Author Lynn Povich was part of this movement and became the first female senior editor at Newsweek as a result of the “good girls revolt.”


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