The "Hams" Have Taken Center Stage At Bernardsville Public Library!!

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The stage is set at Bernardsville Public Library for Be Creative @ Your Library, a show-stopping summer reading program starting Monday, June 22nd. Children and young adults are invited to participate in a summer-long schedule of creative activities and reading programs. Sign-ups begin June 22nd, but first you’ll have to get past those marvelous performing pigs in the lobby!!


Ham Jones? Elvis Piggly?

Cirque du Porc
The Divine Swine
Phantom Pig of the Opera

The Little Piggy Mermaid, Porky Nureyev, Super Pig

and Pigcasso


A huge round of applause goes to Michaele Casey, Bernardsville Public Library’s youth services coordinator, and Keiko Matsuura, our limitlessly talented library volunteer!! Under Michaele’s meticulous planning, the library has brought the New Jersey Library Association’s statewide summer reading program to life in a way that will bring smiles and looks of amazement to all who visit us. Keiko designed and handmade all the pigs, painting and accessorizing each of them with incredible detail. Her visionary staging of this display exceeded our wildest dreams. Keiko’s imaginative artistry shows just how exceptional the results can be when you decide to “be creative.”

…and Cecil B. DePig, Director, wants credit, too, for overcoming his fear of heights!

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