The Snake Stone: Investigator Yashim Returns

May 28, 2013 // Filed under Uncategorized

9780374299354_p0_v1_s260x420British novelist and historian Jason Goodwin has confected a truly memorable detective series featuring Yashim the eunuch, who lives in the unforgettable setting of 1830’s Istanbul. Yashim moves freely between the world of the palace – the Sultan, government functionaries, the royal harem – and the colorful and dangerous city streets crammed with spice markets, vendors, and a cross-pollination of world travellers.  Intrigue and mystery are everywhere, and Goodwin uses all the tricks in the book to keep the reader engaged.  There are red herrings, historical tidbits, murders and betrayals, and peril is always just around the corner!

Saturday Samplers, a library book group, will discuss the second in Goodwin’s Yashim series, The Snake Stone, at its next meeting Saturday, June 1st at 3:30 p.m.  Led by library staff member Evelyn Fischel, Saturday Samplers book group reads a variety of literature, non-fiction, short fiction, memoirs, teen fiction, etc., so as to broadly sample the written word. New members are welcome and more information about the book group may be found here

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