We Put NextReads Books Right In Your Hands

October 7, 2013 // Filed under Uncategorized


We do everything except read the book for you!

Now you can sign up on Bernardsville Public Library’s website to receive email newsletters tailored to your reading preferences via Next Reads.  The NextReads service delivers customized reading suggestions to your email inbox on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis.  Do you like to read historical fiction?  Want to know what’s the latest and greatest in mysteries or in kids’ books?  You get to choose which genres or kinds of books you will be notified about when you sign up here for NextReads. 

We take the next step for you, too!  You’ll find a NextReads display in our lobby with the latest NextReads books already pulled and waiting for you on these display shelves.  We’ve even sorted them by genre.  You do have to pick them up, however, and check them out!  How easy is that?


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