Winter Journal

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winter journalWinter Journal
, Paul Auster’s 2012 biography, will be the subject of discussion at Memoirs and Coffee on Tuesday, March 26, 10:30 a.m.  Memoirs and Coffee is one of two Bernardsville Public Library book discussion groups, the other being Saturday Samplers; both groups are open to new members.

Paul Auster is a master of metafiction as seen in his so-called “detective novels,” The New York Trilogy.  His references to earlier New York authors and his love of Brooklyn stand out in these stories as in his later book, Brooklyn Follies.  Winter Journal, on the other hand, allows Auster the platform to finally look within himself for his own story.

In reviewing Winter Journal, Publishers Weekly Review notes that “From the vantage point of the winter preceding his 64th birthday, Auster lets his body and its sensations guide his memories…There is no set chronology; time and place bleed from one year to another, between childhood and adulthood…This is the exquisitely wrought catalogue of a man’s history through his body, a body that has felt pain and pleasure…


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