Yes, We Do Our Own Library Displays!

April 9, 2008 // Filed under Uncategorized

photo source – Bernardsville Public Library
photo source – Bernardsville Public Library

Stop in your tracks when you enter the library lobby to admire the fabulous book display done by one of our very own staff members, Shelley Jones. Her monumental construction celebrates National Library Week which commences next week under the sponsorship of the American Library Association.
Using the National Library Week logo as her inspiration, Shelley constructed an orb of 14 gauge wire measuring approximately 45 inches in diameter. The orb is actually comprised of a number of wire hoops she first wired and soldered into place. Additional wire strands were integrated into the piece and soldered to give the orb its strength. Shelley went through two soldering guns before she perfected her technique!
Next, large pieces of colored, corrugated cardboard had to be cut into fine strips, touched up with matching paint, and rolled into spirals to create the foliage. Shelley glued each loop of the spirals to a backing board – a very tedious task. Each section of spirals, in turn, needed to be glued to the orb, and finally a base could be constructed to resemble a tree trunk.
If you think all this was a challenge, Shelley reports that one of the hardest things was transporting the tree to the library; she needed to borrow a cargo van to accomodate it! Sometimes great ideas get a little too big for one’s own good, but in this case, we are so happy that she perservered.
She is not alone in creating fabulous displays for the library. In fact, we have a very talented team of people who regularly design great display settings to showcase our materials. Please walk around the library to catch these displays. You’ll find some great ideas for reading, listening, and viewing here.

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